Jesse Johnson
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Jesse Johnson
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Guitarist - Composer - Producer

gold   Warner Brothers Records, The Time - Performed
gold   Warner Brothers Records, What Time Is It? - Performed
gold   Warner Brothers Records, Vanity 6 - Wrote & performed: Bite The Beat
platinum   Warner Brothers Records, Ice Cream Castle - Wrote & performed: Jungle Love, Ice Cream Castles & The Bird
platinum   A&M Records, Jesse Johnson's Revue (debut solo album) - Performed, written and produced by Jesse Johnson
gold   A&M Records, The Breakfast Club soundtrack - Wrote & performed: Heart Too Hot To Hold
    A&M Records, Janet Jackson, Dream Street - Wrote, produced, & performed: Pretty Boy & Fast Girls
    Ta Mara & the Seen - Wrote, produced & performed
gold   A&M Records, Pretty In Pink soundtrack - Wrote, performed & produced: Get To Know Ya
    A&M Records, Shockadelica (330,000 SOLD) - Solo LP performed, written and produced
    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Action Jackson - Wrote & produced: Faraway Eyes for Vanity
platinum   Virgin Records, Paula Abdul, Forever Your Girl- Wrote & produced: I Need You
gold   A&M Records, Every Shade Of Love - Solo LP performed, written, and produced
    Capital Records, da Krash - Co-wrote & produced
    MCA Records, Sue Ann, Blue Velvet - Produced & wrote five songs
    CBS Records, Clarence Clemens - Produced: Shot Gun
    Virgin Records (France), Les Rita Mitsouko: Marc & Robert - Produced LP & mixed first American release of Andy
    Virgin Records, Cheryl Lynn - Co-wrote & produced four songs
gold   Paisley Park Records, Graffiti Bridge Soundtrack - Performed on LP
gold   Another 48 Hours, Soundtrack - Co-produced & performed: The Boys are Back
gold   Paisley Park Records, The Time, Pandemonium - Co-wrote & co-produced: Pandemonium, Blondie and The Skillet
    Capital Records, Debbie Allen, Special Look - Wrote: Sexy Ways
    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Five Heartbeats - Wrote & produced: Nights Like This
    Interscope Records, Three Shades Brown, Stronger Than Strong - Co-wrote, co-produced & performed
    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, White Men Can't Jump - Wrote, produced & performed: Jump For It
    Universal Music / Hippo Jesse Johnson "Ultimate Collection" Wrote & produced (A compilation)
note   Sony/Burgundy Chaka Khan (Won a Grammy) (Co-Produced and performed remake of Jimi Hendrix' "Castles Made Of Sand" & Played Guitars on "Sign 'O' The Times" & "Foolish")
gold - gold records   platinum - platinum records


Top Ten Singles


"Jungle Love"
Performed by The Time

"Ice Cream Castles"
Performed by The Time

"The Bird"
Perfored by The Time


Be Your Man
Performed, Written & Produced by Jesse Johnson

Can You Help Me
Performed, Written & Produced by Jesse Johnson

I Want My Girl
Performed, Written & Produced by Jesse Johnson

Everybody Dance
Written & Produced for Ta Mara & the Seen


Performed, Written & Produced by Jesse Johnson

Baby Let's Kiss
Performed, Written & Produced by Jesse Johnson


Love Struck
Performed, Written & Produced by Jesse Johnson

Wasn't I Good To Ya?
Performed, Written, & Produced by Jesse Johnson


Nights Like This
Produced & Written by Jesse Johnson
Performed by "After 7"

The Five Heartbeats
ASCAP's Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture
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